Please take a look at the most frequent questions:

Where can I see the strandbeests?

check out the events here

How do this animals work?

For the legsystem, please look here

For the wind storage, please take a look at this section

The legsystem, the wind stomach, the nerve cells, the muscles, it is also explained in the book Theo wrote: The Great Pretender. Available here.

Are there any kits of mini beasts?

Please take a look at this video.

These kits will be available on this website in April 2011 at the web shop.


Sorry, Theo doesn't take interns. He always works alone.


The strandbeests travel in long term (three months) exhibitions (now in Asia) only. So there is no possibility to show strandbeests on festivals.


All lecture announcement can viewed here.

For booking lectures, see info below.


Theo wants to concentrate on the new animal, which will be tested in May on the beach. So there is no time for interviews. But you can find all information in his book The Great Pretender available on this website.


For photo's, please contact Theo Jansen -

Shooting film?

Theo wants to concentrate on the new animal, which will be tested in May on the beach. So there is no time for filmshooting. Also not on the beach because the shooting schedule is complete.

What can be seen in the big long term exhibition?

One or two living beasts (10 meters long, 4 m high and 3m wide) can be found here.

We pump up the bottles with a compressor instead of the wind (to speed up the process). And the animal(s) will walk for a few minutes on the wind stomach (PET-bottles). Apart from that, all the fossils of twenty years of beach animal history. You see the evolutional development. Also the Animaris Ordis video here which walks by pushing it. Kids love to do this. Booking this large scale exhibition, please contact Mr. Koji Mijayima at Tokyo


Theo Jansen

Booking lectures

Lectures in The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium can be booked via The Speaker Academy in Rotterdam.

For the rest of the world please contact:
Nuria Martínez in Madrid.


Theo Jansen




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